Orion-Tr 12/24-5A (120W)

Orion-Tr 12/24-5A (120W)

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The Orion-Tr 12 / 12-30 from Victron Energy (MPN ORI121240110) is a galvanically isolated DC-DC voltage converter and ensures a regulated DC voltage and thus the trouble-free operation of your DC consumers. The compact Orion-TR DC-DC voltage converter converts the DC input voltage (10-17V) into a controllable 12V output voltage (10-15V) and delivers a constant continuous current of 30A, which corresponds to a power of 360W.

Thanks to the Orion-Tr 12 / 12-30 you can supply every 12V consumer with exactly the right voltage. The correct voltage is guaranteed even with longer lines, since the Orion can adapt the voltage to line losses that occur. With many sensitive electronic devices, maintaining the exact operating voltage is essential for smooth functioning. Furthermore, the Orion-Tr 12 / 12-30 masters parallel connection with identical devices and has a remote-controlled on / off switch. Due to the adjustable output voltage, this model can also be used as a battery charger.

important features of the Orion-Tr 12 / 12-30 360W (with galvanic isolation)

  • Victron Energy part number: ORI121240110
  • for 12V battery voltage, adjustable output voltage 10-15V
  • Max. 360W output power with a maximum current of 30A
  • wide input voltage range: 10-17V
  • Degree of protection IP43, electrical isolation 200V DC between input, output and housing
  • can be connected in parallel with similar devices to increase performance
  • can be used for buffer charging of batteries
  • remote on and off switch
  • wide input voltage range: 10-17V
  • high efficiency of 87%

Can also be used as a battery charger thanks to the adjustable output voltage

Thanks to the adjustable output voltage, the Orion-Tr 12 / 12-30 can also be used to charge a battery.

remote on / off switch

Thanks to the remote-controlled on / off connection, a high-current switch in the input wiring is no longer necessary. The remote-controlled on / off connection can be controlled with a power-saving switch or with the run / stop switch of the motor (see manual).

Scope of delivery:

1x Victron Energy ORI121240110 Orion-Tr 12 / 12-30 30A 360W DC-DC voltage converter