WB-LYP200AHA LiFeYPO4 (3.2V/200Ah WIDE)
WB-LYP200AHA LiFeYPO4 (3.2V/200Ah WIDE)

WB-LYP200AHA LiFeYPO4 (3.2V/200Ah WIDE)

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High power lithium cell, original Winston Battery product with LiFePO4 (LiFeYPO4) technology. Capacity: 200Ah, size: 256x361x56 mm, weight: 7.9 kg. Model: WB-LYP200AHA(B)

Technical information

Original ThunderSky Winston part number: WB-LYP200AHA, TSWB-LYP200AHA
Recommended initial and subsequent charging is to 3.65 V.
The minimum voltage is 2.5 V.
Maximum discharge current is 3C continuously.
Operating temperature -45°C up to 85°C (discharging)
Energy density is 81,01 Wh/kg

These battery cells are suitable for all traction applications including electric vehicles. Fully complies also for stationary applications - such as energy storage.
There is no Self-discharging effect.
Can be recharged at any state of discharge - no memory effect
LiFePO4 is a very safe technology, not spontaneous combustion, does not react with moisture or with oxygen.

Size of packs using 200Ah cells

8 cells, 24V
Total capacity 4800 Wh / Depth 444 mm / Weight 63.2 kg

16 cells, 48V
Total capacity 9600 Wh / Depth 888 mm / Weight 126.4 kg

1 cell:
Capacity 600 Wh / Depth 55.5 mm / Weight 7.9 kg

4 cells, 12V
Total capacity 2400 Wh / Depth 222 mm / Weight 31.6 kg



Weight (kg) 7,9
Connector M12
Height (mm) 256
Width (mm) 362
Depth (mm) 56
Nominal Voltage (V) 3,3
Capacity (Ah) 200
Max discharge current (A) 2000
Optimal discharge current (A) 100
Max charging current (A) 600
Optimal charging current (A) 100

Common connection diagrams for BMS,SBM

BMS123 Smart connection demonstration including Charger, Appliance and the ever important fuses and switches.

BMS123 connection diagram 

SBM is simple solution offering basic protection, diagram shows 16 cell version connected with charger and fuses.

SBM conection diagram